Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gee, ever heard of updating?

It's been a while, yes?
(NOOO. It's been two years, stupid.)
I'm not THAT busy, but I am busy.
Trying to cope up with college life- still, though I've gotten used to it. (KINDA)
Anyhow, I'm really freaking' tired, but I'm planning to study for a lot of subjects.

P.S. J*G*, I'm sorry I haven't been talking to you lately, you're going through a lot, I know, but I'm sorry I can't be there. WILL DO MY BEST TO SEE YOU SOON! WAIT FOR ME MY DEARRR! HAVEFUNINCEBUUU. :>

Friday, June 06, 2008

Back at "You"

Today, I fell off the freaking stairs at diamond hotel.. DAMN IT! Too fugly to see, really. It was so embarrassing.

Why did I fall? Well, it's because I was reading the newspaper and tripped halfway, I was walking slowly and finally got tangled up with my sister who was walking down before me. And the people were, luckily, not minding me, or... US. Anyway, most of them stared. And for a sec, I cared.

I think it's because my friend told me that she fell off teh stairs of her school last school year and I laughed heavily because something she said some embarrassing things while falling down and she stood up without feeling any pain at all. I thought she was wonder woman, but she got bumps and such.

Also I always thought what it was like to push someone off the stairs, only... It was me who received that thought. So ironic!

Anyway, my back hurts and it's because I landed on my back. How demeaning that experience was.


Monday, June 02, 2008

I am procrastinating

I've been sort of busy lately so the fictions that I was supposed to post in FF are on HIATUS.


Thank you.

Erie Star. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008


Hey lovely people.
I'm Erinne. My friends call me Erie, specially in FFN and SHARED. ^cling!^

Almost all my accounts have been deleted by my step sister,. Hahaha, once again, I thank you Micka! ^BEING SARCASTIC HONEY!^
We had a fight and she was jealous and gaga over nada.

Any crack some star is inhaling, I'll post now...



Today, is the wedding anniversary of my mom and STEP DAD. Yipee doo dah!

Okay, I'm being sarcastic in the lamest way again. But, no seriously, congratulations to their forever cherished love.

LIKE HELLO, if I didn't feel happy, would I send them to some spa? Luckily, I saved some 8k worth of money last school year becauuuuuse... Me and my friend bet on who'd save money and she won. AND le money should return to its rightful owner (in case you didn't get it, it's my Mommy's money that she's spending.) HA Ha Ha. And if 8k won't fit, duh. THEY HAVE MONEY. Because they are people we call, "PARENTS" and most of the time, those "PARENTS" have money. AND WE "LOVE" them. ^smile^

^ TING!^ I FEEL SO LAME TODAY, maybe it's because I'm spending my vacation in Manila and I'm going back to Iloilo 5 days before school starts and it's stat!

I should be up with my energetic step sis doing some sort of rigorous training, but rather than slimming to a 50 kg body, I think I'm asking for a 67!!! Wanna know why? It's becauuuuuuuse, I'm being a retard and slacking off, being a slob, eating what? Two Duty Free plastic bags of chocolates and sweets and what not.

IN FACT! I SHOULD BE STUDYING RIGHT NOW! Because my 16 year old butt is going to apply for entrance tests. La-a-a-me.

I supposedly, should be just a Junior, but I got accelerated. So, I'll be one year ahead of trying to reach what I WANT. And care to know what I want to achieve? A DOCTOR.

YEAH. I'm targeting grades, no lower than 88, no, 90. YEAH.

Well, that'll be pretty easy.^I'm s-a-r-c-a-s-t-i-c love^

I guess I'll end this post now, I'm tired, too much sweets and love. ha ha.

Chocolates and Mallows.

Happy anniversary to mom and dad! ^SMILES AND HEARTS FLUTTER AROUND^